Glauber builds well-designed, reliable RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) skid systems to client specifications. We work with customers to develop the highest-quality skid systems that perform well no matter their environment, keeping clients from around the world returning to us again and again.

Our ability to meet specific, complicated, and demanding requirements means that we can install efficient systems in harsh conditions and tight spaces. Recently, we took our skills to Oahu, HI, where we built the region’s first RNG system.

Working in Oahu

rng-skid-systemTo achieve Hawaii’s goal of reducing its reliance on nonrenewable energy sources, Hawaii Gas sought to install a custom RNG skid system for the Honolulu Wastewater Treatment plant. They needed a system that could meet the plant’s gas needs and resist the harsh saltwater conditions present there. Hawaii Gas set strict deadlines for the project, and they requested that our system be capable of easily integrating with other companies’ equipment and controls.

One of our biggest challenges was to create a feed compressor that not only did its job well but also fit smoothly into the membrane container. Doing all this within the client’s relatively short time frame also complicated matters.

Working with natural gas, especially in oceanic environments, creates unique challenges. Fortunately, our RNG skid solutions can adapt to constantly changing environmental conditions without sacrificing their ability to work efficiently.

Our Solution

We used marine-grade materials and components to build RNG skid systems able to resist the constant wear and tear the ocean places on them. Made from specially alloyed stainless and galvanized steel, marine-grade materials hold up to corrosive environments much more effectively than unprepared metals.

Our engineers built the compressor system, complete with fully automated controls, that fit the situation’s restrictive dimensions and that we could smoothly integrate into the wastewater plant’s other systems.

The Result? Client Success

rng-skid-systemThe system’s heat exchanger network not only reduced overall chiller size requirements, but also made the system a great deal more energy efficient than if it had required full load external heating and cooling. Additionally, because we focused on sourcing the best marine-grade materials, Hawaii Gas will see fewer maintenance requirements. Not having to worry about the system breaking down and requiring costly repairs allows the company to dedicate resources to other important matters.

We completed the entire project by the demanding deadline. As soon as the system was in place, Hawaii Gas hosted a blessing ceremony, at which several Hawaii state dignitaries complimented us on our work. This case study is just one example of our commitment to providing customers with the best-functioning RNG skid systems their energy grids need.

When it Comes to RNG Skid Systems, No One Does it Better than Glauber

In the 60+ years we’ve been in the business, we’ve designed and fabricated a wide range of:

  • Compressed air systems
  • Landfill gas treatment systems
  • Fully fabricated skid systems
  • And more!

contact us today to see how we can help your utility reduce its reliance on nonrenewable energy sources! 

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