Steam Turbines

Steam turbines are a form of heat engine that uses the thermal energy from pressurized steam to perform mechanical functions. They are used throughout many industrial applications, such as pump drives for the oil and gas sector, in the pharmaceutical industry to produce power, for numerous purposes in the renewable energy sector, and producing power for waste plants and district heating systems. 

Industrial Steam Turbines

With over a century of technology development and more than 60,000 steam turbines in use worldwide, Siemens Energy has become an extremely reliable manufacturer that Glauber Equipment is proud to represent. Our product range includes max outputs of 20 up to 250 MW and SPP HP 26,800 up to 335,255 max output. We carry the following steam turbine types from Siemens:

  • SST-150: With a power output up to 20 MW, the SST-150 is a single casing steam turbine featuring impulse blading and a compact skid-mounted design. Typical applications include biomass power plants, mechanical drives, combined cycle power plants, and chemical processing.
  • SST-200: This single-casing turbine in a skid-mounted configuration features reaction blade technology. The SST-200 has a maximum power output of up to 20 MW.  This turbine type is frequently used in generator and mechanical drive applications, as well as sugar mills and biomass plants. 
  • SST-300: This turbine accommodates multiple steam extraction and induction points and features a compact design, with all components and auxiliaries mounted on a shared base frame. This turbine has a power output of up to 45 MW. Typical applications include combined cycle power plants, waste-to-energy plants, paper mills, biomass plants, and more. 
  • SST-400: A single-casing steam turbine, the SST-400 provides geared or direct drive to pumps, compressors, or 50 and 60 Hz generators. The symmetrical casing enables short start-up times and rapid load changes. It has a power output of up to 60 MW and is commonly used in combined cycle power plants, biomass energy plants, district heating, and more. 
  • SST-500: A double exhaust flow steam turbine with a single casing, the SST-500 is ideally suited for large steam volume flows. It has a power output of up to 100 MW. Typical applications include pump drives, generator drives, the chemical industry, and more. 
  • SST-600: This model is a flexible condensing or back-pressure steam turbine, available with axial or radial exhaust, featuring a power output of up to 200 MW. Typical applications include chemical and petrochemical industries, steel works, power plants, and mines, among others. 
  • SST-700/900: This turbine is a dual casting steam turbine used in reheat applications, featuring a power output of up to 250 MW. Use cases for this turbine include biomass-fired power plants and combined cycle power plants. 

Small Steam Packages

Glauber also offers a selection of small steam packages, including:

D-R SST 350/500/700

This package features a maximum output of 750 KW and a maximum output of 1,000 HP. The most notable benefits of this package include:

  • A rugged, versatile design
  • Built-in removable steam strainer, carbon ring, or labyrinth sealing glands
  • A broad range of available accessories and controls


The D-R RLA/RLVA package offers a maximum output of 754 KW and a maximum output of 1,000 HP. The primary features of rugged and versatile turbine include:

  • Built-in strainer
  • Removable carbon ring sealing glands
  • Separate double-seated governor valve
  • A range of controls and accessories


This turbine package a maximum output of 25,000 KW and a maximum output of 1,000 HP. Some of the defining characteristics of this turbine include:

  • A single valve inlet or multi-valve inlets
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Multiple uncontrolled bleeds
  • API and non-API options
  • Up to 15 stages 


The D-R K provides a maximum output of 4,850 KW and a maximum output of 6,500 HP. Features of this package include:

  • A single valve inlet
  • Condensing or backpressure
  • A wide range of speeds throughout continuous operation 

Glauber Equipment has steam turbine solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of industrial applications. For help finding the right solution for your operation, please contact us or request a quote today.