Blower Repair

As New York State’s Authorized Sales and Service Supplier for Howden Roots, Glauber Equipment strives to provide more than just parts and repair services to our customers.

When our customer’s do experience a blower failure, Glauber makes efforts to collaborate with our customers to determine the root cause of the failure.  We understand the importance of proper blower installation.  Care must be taken to ensure there is proper filtration, adequate ventilation, correct lubrication and proper consideration of other environmental conditions.  If a root cause is determined, Glauber will provide recommendations to correct potential issues that may have caused the failure.

When blowers are delivered to Glauber for repair, Glauber takes care to review the initial condition of the blower.  Then a thorough inspection is conducted to determine what repairs are necessary to bring the blower back to optimal condition.

Due to the robust nature of a Howden Roots blower, a typical repair includes a thorough cleaning and a basic repair kit.  Kits include bearings, seals and other low-cost parts.

In addition to repairing Howden Roots Blowers, our Technicians have experience with servicing all types of blowers.  Upon receipt of your equipment GEC will evaluate the present condition through visual examination and inspection of ease of rotation and clearances.  When blowers require a more extensive repair, Glauber Equipment factory trained Service Engineers have the knowledge to conduct detailed inspection and repair.

Glauber has a wide range of service capabilities including spray welding of shafts which helps eliminate the requirement to purchase new impellers, balancing services to eliminate residual imbalance which reduces bearing loads and extends operation life, and detailed setting of critical clearances.

Prior to conducting any repair services, Glauber equipment will provide detailed reports that will allow our customers to make a repair or new purchase decision.

If you’re in need of a blower repair, our experts are here to help. Talk to our team today.