Booster Pump Skid Systems

Booster pump skid systems—also referred to as skid-mounted booster pump systems and skid-mounted pumping systems—are supplementary pumping systems located away from the main pumping stations. During peak flow periods, they generate additional pressure to help undersized or underpowered distribution systems achieve the necessary flow and pressure to meet demand.

At Glauber Equipment, we are proud to announce our new line of booster skid systems, Delta P Carver. Delta P Carver packages are available with a variety of features and technical specifications to suit the needs of different pumping systems and applications.

How Does a Booster Skid System Work?

Booster pump skid systems consist of four main parts: the motor, the impellers, the inlet and outlet, and the pressure or flow sensor. The motor component drives the impellers, which prompts water to flow in through the inlet and out through the outlet with greater speed and force. The sensor monitors the conditions in the larger pumping system and tells the booster pump when the current demand necessitates the introduction of more pressure.

Booster Pump Skid Systems

Booster Skid Systems From Glauber Equipment

Our new line of booster skid systems accommodates a wide range of water pump systems and applications, including drinking water, rainwater harvesting (RWH) irrigation, and HVAC cooling tower facilities. In addition to offering complete product solutions, we provide replacement boosters and control panels to retrofit existing booster systems to bring them in line with ASHRAE 90:1 industry standards.

Our product line includes the following:

Mini Pak

Mini PakMini Pak is a pre-engineered standard water booster system. It features programmable set points, variable frequency drive (VFD) controls, single-phase to three-phase power capacities, NSF 304 stainless steel pumps, and a 6.5, 15, or 20 gallon NSF tank. Key technical specifications include a flow capacity of 15 to 100 GPM and boost capacity of 5 to 65 PSI. These systems come with a one-year warranty.


Delta Pak – VM

Delta Pak – VMDelta Pak – VM water booster systems are suitable for high-pressure applications involving fluid temperatures up to 248° F. They are designed for use in tall structures and other similar systems. Key features include a single-point power main disconnect design, a manual motor protector (MMP) 65 kAIC enclosure, VFD controls with programmable set points, NSF-certified valves, UL 508A-rated 24VDC control panels, and PLCs with Ethernet and building communication compatibility. Options for simplex, duplex, triplex, and quadraplex variations and ANSI Class 150 or 300 welded inlet/outlet flanges are also available. These systems come with a three-year warranty.

Delta Pak – ES

Delta Pak – ESDelta Pak – ES water booster systems are ideal for use in low- to medium-height structures that employ single-stage pumps. They share many features and technical specifications with Delta Pak – VM systems with one key distinction—the maximum system temperature is 212° F. These systems come with a three-year warranty.


Control Pak

Control PakOur Control Pak product solutions are designed to retrofit booster systems manufactured by other companies. It features a single-power disconnect design with MMP for circuitry protection, ABB variable speed drives with programmable set points, preprogrammed PLC with Ethernet compatibility, and UL 508A-rated 24VDC control panels. These systems come with a one-year warranty.


Quiet Pak

Quiet PakQuiet Pak water booster systems are designed for powerful—but quiet—performance in noise-sensitive environments, such as condos, hospitals, and hotels. They are ideal for use in facilities with over 15 floors and limited space. Key features include 304 stainless steel construction, options for wall or custom mounting mechanism, suitability for indoor or outdoor environments, variable speed drives with programmable set points and auto bypass, three-phase motors, and real-time suction and discharge pressure transducers. They can accommodate up to 900 gallons per minute and 1,000 feet total dynamic head (TDH). These systems come with a three-year warranty.

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Booster pump skid systems play a critical role in many pumping systems. As such, it is important to choose the right one for a facility to ensure flow and pressure demands are fully met. For customers looking for quality booster pump systems, the team at Glauber Equipment is here to help.

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