Engineering Services

The premier supplier of pumps, compressors, dryers, blowers, and aftermarket parts and services in Western New York, Glauber has more than five decades of experience providing custom solutions for clients seeking reliable fluid and air flow services.

Our team of expertly trained technicians and mechanics have the skills and experience necessary to provide a wide range of maintenance and engineering services tailored to meet your exact needs.

Energy-Saving Focus

Offering some of the most efficient pumps available on the market, Glauber is committed to prioritizing energy efficiency and savings. Our team is able to analyze any pumping system and develop a customized solution for optimized efficiency — saving customers both energy and money. We even provide lunch-and-learn sessions on various topics, such as maintenance and troubleshooting, to ensure our workers can quickly and easily identify problems. In one of our most recent efforts, Glauber Equipment participated in a pump challenge that showed our Wilden® Pro-Flo® Shift, an air distribution system, could save as much as 60% more energy than the competition.

Systems Design

Our staff also has deep expertise working with systems as a whole, evaluating how to best incorporate all performance requirements into a single design. Our team largely concentrates on pressure and flow requirements, including:

  • Net positive suction head
  • Piping sizes
  • Pressure drop concerns
  • Specific energy requirements/needs

System Troubleshooting

Engineering Services

We’ve seen it all throughout our 50+ years in business, so you can be sure that our team has the know-how to determine the root causes of any premature system failures. And we can assist in improving systems before failure occurs, ensuring that small problems never become big ones. But when units do fail prematurely, Glauber will troubleshoot the situation to determine the root cause and assess whether repairs can be made or if the system needs to be redesigned from scratch.

For example, one of our customers ran into an issue in which a worker used the incorrect inlet filter, depriving the blower of inlet air. This resulted in catastrophic failure, which ended up damaging the blower’s timing gears and casing. The Glauber team carefully assessed the situation, and once our team took corrective actions, the new blower operated smoothly and efficiently, without any problems.

Systems Optimization and Customized Solutions

Glauber has years of experience in system design. Our team of engineers can review new and existing designs to ensure that they will perform at the highest level possible, without any kind of failure. Tapping into our knowledge of pumps and blowers, we can provide a total custom solution to meet each customer’s unique requirements. Plus, our skid design team is available to lend input whenever needed.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We offer preventative maintenance programs to customers focused on reducing overall system failures. Through these programs, we take routine readings and plot them to find trends that can help determine when preventative maintenance may be needed, ensuring enhanced system stability.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

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With an expert staff of fully trained technicians and mechanics, Glauber can provide both onsite and depot repair services. Our fleet of nine fully stocked repair vans are on call 24/7 to ensure that we are available to respond to any emergency that may arise — day or night.

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