Renewable Natural Gas

The engineers at Glauber Equipment have leveraged over 50 years of company experience in gas separation and compression to become experts in the Biogas and Landfill gas markets. Our specialty is providing custom-engineered Blower, Gas Compressor, and Dehydration packages that are designed to fit the specific needs of our clients.

Landfills, livestock farms, wastewater treatment facilities — solutions for such challenging applications are readily available at Glauber. Our professional expertise suits such specialty needs as possible sour gas handling, hazardous area considerations, high-pressure compression for pipeline quality gas, and gas dehydration.

From the steel sub base to the custom PLC control systems, Glauber packages are designed, built, and serviced by our in-house staff. This continuity allows a seamless transition between the engineering and manufacturing processes. We are able to select the optimum technologies for your application based on technical specifications, as well as knowledge of the maintenance and repair industries. Collectively, we have hundreds of years of experience and over 100 installations in the USA, including high-performance specialties such as renewable natural gas.

Complete Skid Systems for Renewable Natural Gas

The Glauber team also offers a range of complete packaged skid systems developed to serve renewable natural gas, featuring:

  • Vacuum Blowers to pull and recycle membrane permeate gas
  • Feed blowers to increase pressure in preparation for treatment and compression; pairs well with gas dehydration equipment
  • Feed gas compressors to service the positive pressure (methane) side of membranes
  • Product gas compressors to manage pipeline quality gas
  • Complete cooling systems, including chilled water, glycol pump, and heat exchanger systems; ambient air heat exchangers with fan-cooling; dry/evaporative coolers

Essential Products for the Renewable Natural Gas Market

Our inventory features a host of unique products designed to meet the needs of the renewable natural gas industry, including:

  • Low-pressure pretreatment, compression, and dehydration solutions, including centrifugal, vane, and lobe models
  • Feed gas compression pumps in screw, reciprocating, and vane models
  • Product gas compression pumps in reciprocating and screw models
  • Gas cooling systems
  • Chilled water management, including dry and evaporative coolers

For complete information about our biogas and landfill gas upgrading systems, visit our partner company’s website here.

Renewable Natural Gas Industry Standards and Specifications

The renewable natural gas industry often involves sensitive materials and high-risk handling, making safety absolutely essential. High-performance components, smart design, and regulatory compliance are all critical to system success.

The Glauber team is proud to provide systems that both meet and exceed these demands, including:

  • NEC Article 500 Class 1 Div 1/2, classification for electrical components: our stock features intrinsically safe/explosion-proof components to suit the most hazardous areas.
  • pressure relief valves safely vent fluids while instrumentation and control systems detect and shut down systems in the event that dangerous or damaging pressures/temperatures/gas levels are reached.
  • High-performance materials including piping, elastomers, and panels with designs that consider the demands of corrosion, high temperatures, and necessary chemical compatibilities. Our components can also be designed to specifically consider marine environments, weatherproofing, and soundproofing as needed.
  • B31.1 and B31.3 welded pipe specifications for power and chemical applications.

Working with the Glauber Team

Pumps, compressors, blowers, dryers, and aftermarket parts from Glauber are among the most efficient and dependable in the industry. Our team is proud to support every part with top-notch service, 24 hours a day.

Glauber also offers custom fabrication, turnkey packages, and on-site testing. To learn more about how Glauber can serve your renewable natural gas needs reach out to one of our experts today.

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