Power & Utility Market

The Glauber Equipment Corporation has worked since 1960 to lead the region in outstanding blower and pump supplies and service. Operating from the heart of New York State, our team is proud to offer professional expertise to industries of all kinds, including the specialty Power and Utility Markets. With more than 100 years of collective experience, our knowledgeable in-house staff designs, builds, and services Glauber packages ranging from the steel sub base to custom PLC controls.

Our team is ready to provide the answer to any of your fuel, water, air, or other fluid flow needs, from simple components to complex custom skids. With distributed products available regionally and skid systems offered worldwide, Glauber has the solutions you need for your power and utility applications across the globe. In fact, our products have been installed across five continents in more than thirty countries.

Essential Products for Power Applications

Our inventory features a long list of products designed for Power and Utility use, including:

  • Skid-packaged Pre-fabricated Systems for demineralized water, raw and service water, ammonia forwarding, closed cooling water, and condensate return
  • Skid-packaged Pre-fabricated Instrument Air Modules
  • Gas Boosters to handle both fuel gas and nitrogen
  • Skid-packaged Fuel Oil Unloading Skids, including flow totalizing service
  • Skid-packaged Fuel Forwarding Pump Modules, including heat exchangers, filtration, and controls compatible with all other skidded systems

Complete Packaged Systems

The Glauber team also offers a range of complete packaged pump skid systems, featuring:

  • Cooling/Heating Water Pump Skids to pump water through heat exchangers/cooling towers for essential temperature regulation and system management
  • Fuel Unloading Skids to pump fuel from trucks to storage tanks AND
  • Fuel Forwarding Skids to pump fuel from tanks to turbines with regulated flow and pressure in accordance with turbine demand
  • Compressed Air Skids to compress, filter, dry, and store air for instruments and controlled service AND
  • APU System Skids featuring an air processing unit to integrate compressor systems that regulate outlet air pressure, temperature, and moisture

Power and Utility Industry Standards and Specifications

Because of the high-risk nature of Power and Utility applications, special attention to safety is essential at every step — including high-performance components. The Glauber team is intimately familiar with these requirements, providing systems that both meet and exceed demands such as:

  • NEC Article 500 Class 1 Div 1/2 classification for electrical components: our stock features intrinsically safe/explosion-proof components to suit the most hazardous areas.
  • High Safety Supply Pressure Relief Valves to detect and shut down systems in the event that dangerous or damaging pressures/temperatures/gas levels are reached.
  • High-Performance Materials including piping, elastomers, and panels with designs that consider the demands of corrosion, high temperatures, and necessary chemical compatibilities. Our components can also be designed with a mind to marine environments, weatherproofing, and soundproofing as needed.
  • B31.1 and B31.3 welded pipe specifications for power and chemical applications.

Glauber Equipment

Working with Glauber

Glauber is proud to supply and service the industry’s most efficient, dependable pumps, compressors, blowers, dryers, and aftermarket parts. We work 24 hours a day to bring you the most exceptional value and service, offering custom fabrication, turnkey packages, on-site testing, and more.

To learn more about how we can help with your fluid flow needs talk to our experts.