Food & Hygienic Market

Since 1960, the Glauber Equipment Corporation has provided outstanding blower, compressor, and pump resources to all of New York State. With a staff of fully-trained technicians and mechanics, we’re ready to provide the solution to any of your fluid or air flow needs.

Our team works with specialty industry applications of all kinds, and hygienic needs are no exception. As the premier supplier of pumps, dryers, blowers, and after-market parts and services in western New York, we’re familiar with both the special products and regulations associated with food and beverage handling. We’re proud to provide equipment focused on handling not only food and beverage, but also domestic and farm animal feeds.

Markets Served

Our hygienic specialties are broad and include both the ultra-simple and the very complex. Some of the markets we commonly serve include:

  • Milk and dairy
  • Meat, fish, and animal food
  • Bakeries and baked goods
  • Sugar and starch management
  • Convenience foods
  • Fresh fruit, vegetable, and produce management
  • Beverage
  • Personal care and hygiene

Specialty Products

Glauber handles a full series of food and hygienic pumps. Our inventory features:

  • Wilden Air Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps, with polished 316L Stainless Steel Whetted Paths, superior flow rates, energy efficiency, and a full CIP design
  • Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pumps with a seal-less design, self-priming and line-strip capabilities, shear sensitivity, and low pulsation
  • Almatec AODD Pumps for superior containment, integral surge dampeners, a 316L Polished Stainless Steel Wetted Path, and a full CIP design
  • PCM Pumping Systems, including Moineau progressing cavity pumps, Delasco peristaltic pumps, Lagoa diaphragm dosing pumps, Dosymix inline mixers, and food systems
  • VERDER Pump Systems, including the Alfa Laval SSP Rotary lobe pump for managing solids, slurries, pastes, and liquids as well as the Packo food pump series for the most demanding hygienic applications (dairies, breweries, distilleries, and beverage manufacturers)

Food and Hygienic Standards and Specifications

The Glauber Team’s expertise covers essential hygienic compliances, routinely meeting and exceeding standards for the FDA, 3A, EHEDG, and UPSD class VI.

  • FDA CFR 21.177 is the regulation detailing certain elastomeric materials to be permitted for food contact. These safe materials will not release toxic materials into food products, and compliant pumps are specially crafted to incorporate them.
  • 3A compliance incorporates FDA material standards with smart design. Intended to govern the dairy industry, 3A guides many sanitary applications to minimize elements such as trap points for the safest, most sanitary overall pump design.
  • EHEDG regulations incorporate 3A standards while testing for CIP, or Clean in Place, ability. 3A covers design criteria, while EHEDG must be proven via standard cleaning tests for proper performance.
  • USPD class VI is comparable to FDA compliance but designed for injected products or products in contact with injected materials.

Food and Hygienic Market

Working with the Glauber Team

Ready to provide you with exceptional value and service, the Glauber team has a deep inventory of parts and the expertise to put them to use for you. Our spacious facility is fully equipped for custom fabrication, turnkey packages, on-site testing, and more.

We look forward to finding the best solution for your fluid and air flow needs. Check out some of our past work or reach out to the team to learn more today!