Pump Repair

The team at Glauber Equipment understands that extreme operating conditions are often involved in pump applications. In some scenarios, pumps will operate for years with minimal upkeep, while other situations are very demanding, posing a heightened risk of pump failure.

While some applications are inherently demanding, Glauber always looks for an innovative solution that will reduce the risk of pump failure from the start.

Our Pump Repair Capabilities

When our team is called upon for a repair, our first step is to collaborate closely with the client in order to determine the root cause of the failure. Our engineers start with the basics, assessing the pump’s critical application variables — such as NPSH, temperature, discharge pressure, ease of rotation, clearances, and location of the operating condition to the pump curve o ensure cavitation conditions are not present.

When a pump fails due to normal wear, Glauber conducts a thorough inspection to determine what repairs are necessary to bring the pump back to peak performance.

Glauber offers a wide range of services, including spray welding of shafts, which helps eliminate the need to purchase new ones; balancing services to eliminate residual imbalance, thereby reducing bearing loads and extending operation life; detailed setting of critical pump clearances; and seal repair. When pumps require extensive work, Glauber’s factory-trained service engineers conduct highly detailed, specialized inspections and repair services as needed.

And prior to conducting any repairs, Glauber provides detailed reports that present customers with all the information they need to make a smart decision regarding new purchase vs. repair.

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Glauber Equipment stands apart from other pump repair shops in that we have years of experience repairing pumps of all kinds, from a huge range of manufacturers.

To learn more about Glauber’s pump repair services and discuss options for your specific needs, reach out to the team today.