Small Steam Packages

Glauber Equipment represents Siemens Energy in Upstate New York and Pennsylvania in the industrial small scale steam turbine market. Small steam turbines from Siemens set the industry standard for mechanical drives for pumps, compressors, and as generator drives. The wide range of industrial applications for this equipment include cogeneration and combined cycle plants, waste-to-energy, biomass, heating, renewable energy, solar heating, and seawater desalination.

At Glauber Equipment, our team has the expertise needed to help you identify an optimal solution for your needs. We can assist you with purchasing, installing, and servicing all Siemens small scale steam turbines.

Overview of Small Steam Packages (SSP)

The following is a general overview of the Siemens small scale steam turbine models Glauber Equipment provides. We offer models that provide ideal solutions for refineries, food processing, institutional uses, and other many applications. Be sure to contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to request a quote.

D-R SST 350/500/700

The D-R SST 350, 500, and 700 models feature a versatile, rugged design with either carbon ring or labyrinth sealing glands and a built-in, removable steam strainer. The capabilities of these models include:

  • MAX output kW: 750
  • MAX output HP: 1,000
  • Bearings: sleeves


D-R RLA/RVLA turbines possess radially split casings, a Woodward TG Oil Relay, a NEMA Class A constant speed governor, and host of other features. This line of turbines offers:

  • MAX output kW: 745
  • MAX output HP: 1,000
  • Bearings: ball bearings, journal, and thrust


The D-R R/RS line of turbines provides an option of single-valve or multi-valve inlets, interchangeable parts, and multiple uncontrolled bleeds. Additional specifications include:

  • MAX output kW: 25,000
  • MAX output HP: 35,000
  • Bearings: tilt pad or sleeve


The D-R K small steam turbine design is preferred for applications requiring back pressure, condensing, and numerous other low-cost applications using a single-valve inlet. Additional technical data is as follows:

  • MAX Output KW: 4,850
  • MAX Output HP: 6,500
  • Bearings: Tilt pad or sleeve

Typical Applications for Small Steam Packages (SSP)

Small steam turbines see frequent use in a variety of industries. Some typical applications, by model, include:

  • D-R SST 350/500/700. These small steam turbines are regularly used in food processing applications, refineries, steel plants, and in compressors, generators, and fans.
  • D-R RLA/RVLA. Common applications for these turbines include lube oil pump drives waste heat recovery, and a host of institutional applications.
  • D-R R/RS. These small steam turbine models are most often applied in fan and pump drives and as turbo generator sets for oil and gas applications.
  • D-R K. D-R K turbines see regular use in Non-API mechanical drives, compressor drives, turbo-generator sets, and air conditioning-chiller/compressor drives.

Small Scale Steam Turbines for Upstate New York and Pennsylvania

Glauber Equipment is an official distributor and service provider for Siemens Energy small steam turbines in Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. For questions about our product line, please contact us or request a quote today.