Skid systems are process systems that consist of all of the components necessary for a process mounted to a frame. In addition to being used as standalone units, they can be combined to form more complex systems for larger processing operations. Some of the applications for which they are regularly employed include renewable natural gas, compressed air, pump, and environmental protection operations.

The following article outlines the benefits of using a skid system for industrial applications and processes.

Advantages of Skid Systems

Compared to traditional equipment installations, skid systems offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Broader customizability. The layout of a skid system can be tailored to accommodate the setup of the facility. By keeping intuitive design practices in mind, system designers can reduce the risk of operator issues arising during operations.
  • Greater equipment protection. The design of skid systems makes them easy to move. This quality is highly advantageous in the event of leaks, spills, and other system issues as the unit can be easily and quickly removed to allow for cleanup or repair operations, reducing the risk of the system experiencing further damage or degradation.
  • Lower long-term costs. A single skid system can be used to replace multiple processing units. As a result, facility owners and managers can significantly lower their equipment investment costs. Additionally, when designed properly, it can reduce operational costs with regard to energy utilization and waste generation.
  • Easier system maintenance. The modular design of skid systems makes it easy for repair and maintenance personnel to identify and evaluate individual parts, resulting in faster diagnostic, repair, and replacement operations.
  • Better space efficiency. Modular skid systems generally require less space than individually installed equipment, making them easier to move and install to suit the current needs of the facility.
  • Higher reliability. Partnering with an experienced solutions provider to design and build a skid system ensures the unit will work as intended with little to no troubleshooting or downtime needed upon delivery.

Contact the Glauber Experts for Your Custom Skid System Needs

The broad customizability, equipment protection properties, low long-term costs, easy system maintenance requirements, small footprints, and excellent reliability of skid systems make them well-suited for use in a wide range of industrial processing applications. If you need a custom skid system for your facility, turn to the experts at GEC.

At Glauber Equipment Corporation, we’ve designed and built custom skid systems for over 60 years. This experience, combined with our highly trained technicians and mechanics and state-of-the-art facilities, allows us to provide solutions for even highly specific or unique requirements.

To discuss your application requirements with one of our experts, request a quote today.

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