Recently, the Glauber Equipment team made a significant commitment to transitioning into a “green” facility by installing a 205kW rooftop solar energy system. With 612 solar panels, this $300,000 initiative will allow us to generate 222,000 kWh of energy each year, which is enough to power our entire 3,000 square foot manufacturing facility, while offsetting 153 metric tons of CO2 production.

Our involvement in the renewable energy sector demonstrates our commitment to a clean and sustainable future. We are now one of the first manufacturers in Western New York to be 100% solar-powered, setting a necessary precedent for sustainability in the manufacturing industry.

What is Green Manufacturing?

Green manufacturing refers to the responsible production of goods through processes designed to minimize a manufacturer’s environmental impact. Key focuses of green manufacturing include:

●      Conserving natural resources. Processes powered by fossil or nuclear fuels deplete the supply of non-renewable resources while releasing greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the air. Replacing these energy sources with renewable alternatives like solar, wind, or hydropower reduces the strain on the environment.

●      Improving energy efficiency. Energy efficiency can be improved in several ways, such as installing CFL or LED lights, utilizing fans or natural airflow to supplement HVAC operations, turning off machinery when not in use, etc. Regardless of the approach, improved energy efficiency decreases the demands that businesses place on the environment.

●      Reducing pollution and waste. Transitioning to renewable resources for energy-heavy processes significantly reduces the volume of pollutants generated by businesses. Reusing, selling, recycling, or composting excess raw materials minimizes waste production and output.

Businesses interested in adopting green manufacturing practices should assess their current environmental impact to gauge options and next steps.

Benefits of Green Manufacturing

While the environment stands to gain a great deal from companies converting to green manufacturing, the businesses on the frontline benefit as well through things like:

  • Improved bottom line from decreased material costs, overhead expenses, and downtime
  • Increased employee morale and motivation related to higher earning potential from a more specialized skills base
  • Enhanced public relations due to additional job creation and a demonstrated community focus

Glauber’s Commitment to Sustainable Manufacturing

At Glauber Equipment, we are committed to ensuring a clean and sustainable future for our clients, team members, and the community by taking measures to lessen our impact on the environment. Through major steps like our recent solar energy installation and smaller internal efforts, we are aligning our processes with green manufacturing methodologies to conserve natural resources, improve our energy efficiency, and reduce pollution and waste generated by our business. As one of the first eco-friendly manufacturers in Western New York, we believe that our role is to educate and adapt.

To learn more about the steps we have taken to ensure the sustainability of our production practices or for details on how our green manufacturing approach is beneficial to clients and the community, contact us today.



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