At Glauber, we’re always excited when we have the opportunity to share industry expertise with our customers. To that end, we hosted our 2018 Wilden Pump Training—led by…

  • Tom Zuckett: Wilden’s Northeast Regional Manager
  • John Wallace: Sales Director – US & Canada.

The event had a great turnout, with more than 25 customers participating in the training session. Tom and John provided the group with an in-depth overview of Wilden pumps, complete with a demonstration of some of the leading products.

What Was Discussed

This year’s training session focused primarily on Wilden’s air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps, with ProFlo Shift Technology. These pumps feature a specialized patented design that incorporates the latest innovative technology to maximize the pump’s efficiency. Wilden’s AODD pumps, with ProFlo Shift Technology, increase overall productivity, reduce air and energy consumption, and require significantly less maintenance than many other AODD pump types.

During the training session, the group discussed a wide range of topics related to the AODD pumps, including:

Wilden AODD Pro-Flo®

  • How AODD pumps work
  • How AODD air motors work
  • Best maintenance practices
  • Best installation practices
  • Best operational practices
  • Troubleshooting and repair tips


After going over the main operational features of AODD pumps, John Wallace led the group in a demonstration of the two-inch Wilden pump, featuring Wilden’s ProFlo SHIFT technology. The exercise helped show customers how much Wilden’s ProFlo SHIFT technology can make a difference when it comes to energy savings––giving companies a huge advantage over competitors who may be using less efficient pumps

During this portion of the event, John demonstrated both the two-inch Wilden pump and a competing two-inch pump under the same system conditions – a flow rate of 80 gallons per minute; system head pressure of 15 psi; and the same pressure gauges, fluid flow meter, and air flow meter – to see how they’d perform against one another.


In the end, the results spoke for themselves—successfully showing how the Wilden pump outperforms the leading competing pump in energy savings. The demonstration revealed that the competitor’s pump consumed 39% more standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) of air than the Wilden pump. Wilden consumed 32 SCFM of air while the competing pump consumed 52 SCFM of air.

The competing pump also exhibited 42% more strokes per minute (s/m) with 198 s/m compared to Wilden’s 116 s/m. Together, these results demonstrated the value of Wilden’s SHIFT technology and how it gives customers an edge over their competitors.

Overall the training was a great success, allowing customers to see firsthand how Wilden’s technology can save them valuable time and money. We enjoyed hosting all of our wonderful participants this year, and we hope to see them again soon at a future event. We also are very grateful to Tom Zuckett and John Wallace for sharing their expertise.

At Glauber Equipment Corporation, we strongly believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with our industry partners to help one another succeed. Since 1960, we have been a trusted name in providing high-quality

blowers, compressors, and pump systems across upstate and western New York, and we offer a variety of education and training services.

So, if your organization would be interested in a lunch-and-learn session or a basic equipment training, please contact us to learn how we can help. We’d be more than happy to come to your facility and provide a training session for your staff.

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