Glauber Equipment Corporation (GEC) has been providing high quality Blower, Compressor, and Pump Systems across Upstate and Western New York since our founding in 1960.

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Hawaii Biogas Processing

Glauber Equipment provided a feed compressor skid (increase gas pressure going into membranes), feed blower/dehydrator skid, and standalone vacuum blower assembly (for permeate side of membrane). This equipment is part of the first RNG project in Hawaii, at Honouluilui Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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AMP-CNG Site 2 Roflo

Glauber Equipment provided a biogas compression skid from dairy farm waste digester at near atmospheric pressure. Roflo vane compressor was used to raise pressure to 35psig for transport through pipelines to further processing equipment.

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Kansas City, MI

2700 SCFM (product RNG to pipeline)
Landfill gas to RNG

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Butler, Nebraska

1000 SCFM
Glauber Equipment Supplied: Dehydrator, vacuum blower (PD blower), feed compressor (rotary screw), vane compressor

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Alder Salt Lake Project: Anaerobic Food Waste Digester Plant

3000 SCFM
Glauber Equipment Supplied: Dehydration, feed blower (centrifugal blower), vacuum blower (centrifugal blower), feed gas compressor (screw compressor), sales gas compressor (reciprocating compressor)

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Morris, Minnesota

  • Equipment: Two-Stage Sliding Vane Compressors (3 units)Fluid: Biogas (Dairy Waste)Flow: 660 SCFM per unit
  • Equipment: Oil-Injected Screw CompressorFluid: Biogas to RNGFlow: 3300 SCFM

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Morrisville, Pennsylvania

  • Equipment: Positive Displacement Blowers w/Gas Dehydration (5 units)Fluid: Landfill GasFlow: 6000 SCFM

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Topeka, Kansas

  • Equipment: Oil-Injected Screw CompressorFluid: Biogas (WWTP)Flow: 1000 SCFM

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Edgewood, New York

  • Equipment: Reciprocating Booster CompressorFluid: Compressed AirFlow: 3400 SCFM

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Shreveport, Louisiana

  • Equipment: Sliding Vane Compressor and Gas DryerFluid: BioGasFlow: 505 SCFM

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Houston, Texas

  • Equipment: Oil-Injected Screw Compressors (8 units)Fluid: Landfill Gas to RNGFlow: 1100 SCFM per unit

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Memphis, Tennessee

  • Equipment: Reciprocating Gas Booster CompressorFluid: Landfill Gas to RNGFlow: 3000 SCFM
  • Equipment: Oil-Injected Screw Compressors (4 units)Fluid: Landfill Gas to RNGFlow: 6000 SCFM

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Equipment: Reciprocating Gas Booster CompressorFluid: Landfill Gas to RNGFlow: 1800 SCFM
  • Equipment: Oil-Injected Screw Compressors (2 units)Fluid: Landfill Gas to RNGFlow: 5000 SCFM


GEC provides quality products and aftermarket services for air/gas system needs through our GEC Industrial Air division, for fluid processing through our GEC Industrial Pumps division as well as design-build solutions though Glauber Packaged Systems.


We support a vast array of industries by providing solutions for their fluid, air and gas system needs. These industries include; Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Chemical, Textile, Agriculture, and many others.

  • Renewable Natural Gas

    Renewable Natural Gas

    The Glauber team offers a range of complete packaged skid systems to serve renewable natural gas, from vacuum blowers and feed blowers to complete cooling systems.

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  • Power & Utility

    Power & Utility

    Because of the high-risk nature of Power and Utility applications, Glauber provides special attention to safety by delivering high-performance components that meet strict requirements.

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  • BioGas & Landfill Gas

    BioGas & Landfill Gas

    Our professional expertise suits specialty needs for sour gas handling, hazardous area considerations, high-pressure compression for pipeline quality gas, and gas dehydration.

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  • Food & Hygienic

    Food & Hygienic

    We’re proud to provide equipment focused on handling not only food and beverage, but also domestic and farm animal feeds.

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  • Industrial


    Glauber's products are used in a wide range of industrial applications, including machining, molding, packaging, coating and textile manufacturing.

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  • Chemical


    To ensure optimal reliability and durability for these demanding applications, our team makes use of top-of-the-line materials that are capable of withstanding chemicals of varying viscosity, corrosiveness, and abrasiveness.

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