rng-skid-systemsRenewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a type of biogas obtained from the decomposition of organic matter. The primary sources of RNG include landfills, animal waste, and solid waste recovered from wastewater treatment processes. Once captured, the gas is processed to remove unwanted components such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and water.

Raw extracted RNG must undergo several processes before it can be sold to the consumer. The equipment necessary for processing RNG is typically contained in structural frame systems known as skids. These skids can include individual or multiple processes depending on the needs of the consumer; Regardless, it is essential to custom-design each skid to suit a facility’s unique processing and spatial requirements.

Glauber Equipment Corporation, Inc. offers a variety of custom skid solutions that can be incorporated into various production systems for complete RNG processing.

Feed Blower/Dehydration

The feed blower is one of the first components in a renewable natural gas processing system. Through the use of centrifugal or positive displacement Compressors, systems increase the pressure of the gas for further processing and compression.

Feed blower skids are almost always combined with dehydration skids for the removal of potentially damaging moisture from feedstock RNG.

Vacuum Blower

Vacuum blowers are used in the CO2/methane membrane separation process. During renewable natural gas processing, CO2 must be removed from the feedstock to ensure the gas meets industry-specific requirements. The vacuum blower creates a negative pressure on the suction side and assists in the separation of CO2 through the membrane using the principle of selective permeation. Vacuum blowers and feed blowers are frequently used together and are usually integrated into a single skid.

Feed Gas Compressorrng-skid-systems

For separation of CO2 from the desired methane gas, the mixture must be compressed and processed through a series of selective membranes. To address this, a feed gas compressor skid uses rotary vane or screw mechanisms to “squeeze” the gas and create a buildup of pressure on the positive-pressure side of the membrane system. These skids may also consist of a knockout/moisture separator to protect the compressor and downstream equipment from corrosion and other moisture-related deterioration. Depending on the size of the compressor, pressure increases up to 350 psig may be achieved.

Sales Gas Compressor

The sales gas compression is the final stage of renewable natural gas processing. Here, the dry and purified “sales” gas is compressed to enable transportation through utility piping networks. Typically, reciprocating or screw mechanisms are used to compress the gas to the high pressures required at this stage.

Partnering with Glauber Equipment

Glauber Equipment Corporation, Inc. is committed to fabricating custom skid solutions that fit your unique RNG processing needs. Our team of experienced and certified field technicians also provide onsite maintenance and repair services to ensure that your skid systems always function at optimal capacity.

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