Howden Roots supplies a range of blowers and owns some of the most recognizable brands in the world. They provide displacement blowers to suit varying needs and application requirements. They can supply just the blowers on a base with a motor or in a fully enclosed unit, which is known as the Howden Roots EasyAir Package. 

For solutions requiring low noise or low pulsation compression, there is an option to have innovative WhispairTM technology included on your Howden Roots blower. Their line of positive displacement blowers is robust, heavy-duty bi-lobe or tri-lobe designs built with quality in mind to deliver reliable performance. In this blog post, the team at Glauber Equipment put together a list of the many benefits of utilizing Howden Roots blowers for your application. 


Roots Blowers Are Easy to Install

Howden Roots blowers are simple to install, making them an ideal solution for vacuum or pressure applications needing on-site installations. A number of Roots models are even designed with detachable steel mounting feet to meet horizontal or vertical mounting requirements. The compact design of the blowers is built for convenience without compromising quality and reliability. The blowers can also be designed with an acoustic enclosure to provide up to 22 dBA free field attenuation to meet low noise requirements. Roots blowers have connections to fit many standard pipe sizes to ensure easy installation in a variety of applications. 


Howden Roots Blowers Are Cost-Effective Solutions

Howden Roots positive displacement blowers provide a broad operating performance range, allowing for a multitude of efficient and compact solutions. To improve accountability and blower efficiency, the Roots EasyAir blower packages are designed with convenient access to air filters, which also helps reduce losses. Howden is just as committed to protecting your investment as you are, so their EasyAir filter access design specifically applies to EasyAir packages. With a focus on personnel safety and equipment efficiency, Howden Roots blowers are designed with front to rear airflow.


The Howden Roots Blowers Design Is Durable and Reliable

Howden Roots blowers include innovative design features that reduce noise and maintenance costs while delivering reliable performance. The blower systems are suitable for pressure or vacuum applications and can be configured to meet your unique requirements. Their positive displacement blowers are conveniently designed for the backflow to be controlled and reduced from within the unit. This hard-to-beat convenience and reliability make them a top-selling positive displacement blower. 

For some of the standard units, the detachable mounting feet allow the blower to be easily adapted to any of the four drive shaft positions: right, left, bottom, or top. When operated within the stated speed and pressure ratings, the compact and sturdy design of a standard blower is engineered for continuous service. And Roots’ exclusive “figure-eight” gearbox design improves oil distribution to maximize gear and bearing life of the unit.


Applications for Howden Roots Blowers

Howden Roots blowers are used in many applications. Small blowers work on trucks and supercharged cars, whereas larger blowers are used to operate vacuum filtration and drying and materials handling. Howden Roots PD blowers are designed in an array of sizes and specifications to fit application needs across many industries. 

Some common applications include:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Mechanical vapor compression
  • Material pneumatic transfer
  • Other industrial processes

As a manufacturer of Roots blowers, Howden continues to lead the way when designing and manufacturing positive displacement blowers. They are reliable, easy-to-install solutions for a variety of industrial processes. As a supplier of Roots blowers, Glauber Equipment is your direct source for Howden Roots blower solutions.

Contact Glauber Equipment today to learn how a Howden Roots blower can meet your needs and application requirements. 

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